I run into people who have speculated on whom it is I support for President. Some people “accuse” me of supporting Cruz —while others “accuse” me of supporting Trump. I will tell you whom it is I support right now: I support you and your right to be passionate about your candidate and to vote your conscience on Tuesday. That is who I support - You. I trust you. I thank GOD that we CAN vote our conscience — especially this election year when w...e actually have an opportunity to vote for our candidate of choice.

What I do not support is the in-fighting. Why have some become so nasty and insulting? Why have they drawn a line in the sand? Have they forgotten that it wasn’t all that long ago that the Trump supporters stood shoulder to shoulder with the Cruz supporters at Tea Party Rallies — sharing a desire to restore order to D.C., to reduce the size of Government, and to hold representative’s feet to the fire? Don't they remember seeing their fellow patriot there? Have they so soon forgotten the great success they achieved — together?

Trump supporters stood shoulder to shoulder with Cruz supporters and were BOTH responsible for sweeping gains by the Republican Party in the 2014 Mid-Term Elections — in the Senate, House, and in numerous gubernatorial, state, and local races. We gained control of the Senate for the first time since 2006! The majority we enjoyed in the House was increased. We gained two seats in governors' races. Together we accomplished great things. How can you forget your brothers and sisters who have fought the good fight with you in the not so distant past? I urge you to remember the battles you fought TOGETHER and respect each other's choice on Tuesday.

And on Wednesday -- my hope is that you will put your arm once again through your fellow patriot's arm and mutually pledge to each other your Lives, your Fortunes, and your sacred Honor. Just as our forefathers taught us. If we are to restore this nation and honor those men and women who declared our liberty and independence we must go forward united with our brothers and sisters.

I trust my audience to do just that. And that is why I care so very much for all of you. "In unity there is strength".