Last week Speaker of the House John Boehner was at a fundraiser in Colorado.  Two people attending the event told the Daily Caller that Boehner made disparaging remarks about Senator Ted Cruz.

Specifically; Boehner said that he was happy that Cruz’s presidential campaign has kept “the jackass” out of Washington, and from telling him (Boehner) how to do his job. 

Wow.  So Boehner doesn’t like being told how to do his job. It does make you feel good, doesn’t it, knowing that Cruz has been that much of a pain in the ass to Boehner?  I for one am thrilled to learn that Cruz has been a source of irritation for him. Unfortunately, it seems that no amount of harassment from Cruz has succeeded in moving John in the right direction.  And when I say right - I mean “RIGHT”.

Ask yourself how the performance of the House of Representatives would have been any different if Nancy Pelosi had remained Speaker of the House and the Democrats had remained in charge. There seems to be no clear distinction between the two. Pelosi can’t wait to fund Obama’s agenda while Boehner is afraid not to. In the end, both Boehner and the Democrats despise the conservative right, and they all sit with their tongues panting – waiting for the Obama administration to throw them a bone or issue a new command.

More than anything else, the attitude towards the conservative voter that Boehner, McCain, McConnell and other Republicans have exhibited could prove instrumental in pushing those voters - and pushing them hard - toward a third party.  It would not be Trump who was to blame in the end.  It would be the fat cat, tone deaf, GOP establishment. I’m not advocating for a third party run in any way, I only want to make clear that if it should happen, we know exactly who to blame.

Message to Ted Cruz: Wear Boehner’s remarks as a Badge of Honor.  I have a very simple rule of thumb; generally, I know that I will like someone if Boehner and the other fat cats don’t. I know that I will hate legislation that Boehner and company support.  Even before I’ve read the legislation, I am pretty darn sure I’m not going to like it.  Dear listener, all you need to know about whether or not Cruz is “our” kind of guy – is knowing “who’s” kind of guy he is not. 

Calling Cruz a jack ass is, well, something a jack ass would do.  One thing the left, well the left and Boehner can’t do – is suggest with any kind of persuasion, that Cruz is anyone’s jackass. Liberal Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz once said that Cruz was “Off the charts brilliant”. What say your professors John Boehner? Dershowitz also told Piers Morgan on CNN in 2013 that Cruz was one of the most brightest students he ever had in his classroom:

“One of the sharpest students I had . . . I’ve had 10,000 students over my 50 years at Harvard . . . he has to qualify among the brightest of the students.”

While that is high praise from a Liberal Harvard Professor, it was something else Dershowitz said of Cruz that impressed me more. He said that; “I think he (Cruz) deeply believes what he is doing. . . . he is deeply principled. . .he was not a compromiser.”  Deeply principled and non-compromiser are words I have yet to hear used to describe Boehner.

When McCain calls those in attendance at a Trump event in his home state “crazies”,  and Boehner calls a presidential candidate polling in the top ten a “jackass”, they are essentially calling those who support them crazies and jackasses.  I find that disturbing on so many levels. 

In the end, payback’s a bitch Boehner, and wouldn’t she have fun with you if Senator Cruz were to become President Cruz? Will you then be addressing him as President “Jackass”?

Rose Tennent is host of “Rose Unplugged” heard on AM1250 The Answer. She is also a frequent guest host for Sean Hannity’s radio program. 

Written by Rose

Rose has not endorsed any candidate.