Sergeant Doug Vitale Golf Invitational

Help a veteran!
Sgt. Vitale, 26, was on patrol in Afghanistan on September 25, 2011, when he stepped on a land mine that some of his fellow soldiers had already passed over. The explosion cost him both legs and caused sever bleeding that damaged his brain. He suffered strokes on both sides of his brain. When he awoke days later at Walter Reed National Military Center, he had lost his speech, was paralyzed on his right side and had coordination problems on the left side of his body. For months, he, his wife and parents, were living in a rented home in Tampa, FL while he underwent rehabilitation at the VA Polytrama Rehabilitation Center. They have recently moved back to Western PA, where a “smart house” has been built that features electronic control systems that he can activate with a touch pad as well as a sling attached to the ceiling of his bedroom that will lift him in and out of bed and get him to a wheelchair-adapted bathroom. His new home comes with a great cost. Friends and veterans have started an annual golf outing to help Sgt. Vitale and his wife. The Sgt. Doug Vitale Golf Invitational is this MONDAY, July 27th at Rolling Hills Country Club. 
If you would like to participate or donate, please e-mail! Click below for more information on how you can help!
Thank you for supporting this great cause!